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Battery Testing Machine For Laboratory
Battery Test Machine

Battery Testing Machine

Battery Testing Machine For Laboratory

Apply to testing capacity & life cycle etc…for small capacity and medium capacity and big capacity batteries.
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  • Overview

  • Specifications

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  • Product features

    1. Machine controlled by Microcomputer, LCD displayˈAnd computer communication by CAN Bus;

    2. Easy for Operation, you operated machine by keyboard of machine or you operated machine by PC.

    3. At most 9 kinds of parameters can be stored and recalled in the machine.

    4. Even cutting electric power failure, the date can be recovery and restart.

    5. Accurately record test data, Mass storage, High speed data transmission.

    6. Temperature control system can detect the temperature changes in the process of battery testing.

    7. Have a variety of control instruction, can simulate various states of battery in the process of actual use.


    Protection functions

    1. Machine was provided with overheating, over current, over voltage, short circuits, anti-polar, under  voltage and under current etc... protection.

    2. Machine was provided with constant temperature, constant voltage, constant-voltage & current limiting, constant current, constant-current & voltage limiting & time limited, constant power, constant resistance, ampere-hour, watt-hour, hold, cycle etc... instructions.

    3. Machine was provided with Paused, jump lost, current lock, lifted etc....

    4. Topology is via CANNET. CAN bus communication between host PC and Circuit Micro controller. TCP / IP protocol.

    5. Display Current, Voltage, Ah, Wh and temperature curves.

    6. With zoom function. Print formation process and data.

  • Technology parameter

    Input: single phase 220Vac/50~60Hz

    Max output voltage:18V

    Max output current: *A ( Pls check Model list)

    Voltage Accuracy: ≤±0.5%F.S

    Current Accuracy: ≤±0.5%F.S

    Time Accuracy: ≤±5S/24H

    Range of Voltage: 5% - 100% 

    Range of Current: 2% - 100% 

    Min Interval:1 S

    Model list

    Other models are not listed

    (We can manufacture various Tester with current range 1A to 10000A and voltage range 1V to 18V ) 

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