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Fully-automatic Battery Plate Curing And Drying Machine
Battery Plate Curing and Drying Machine
Battery Plate Curing and Drying Machine

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Fully-automatic Battery Plate Curing And Drying Machine

JHTD Fully-Automatic Battery Plate Curing and Drying Machine has the advantages of stable operation, precise control, simple operation and energy saving.
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  • JHTD Fully-Automatic Battery Plate Curing and Drying Machine is developed on the basis of long-term practice and absorption of the technology of curing drying chamber at home and abroad. Under the condition of unattended operation, it can automatically complete the whole process of fixing and drying the plate. Various heating methods (electric heating, steam heating, natural gas heating, heat transfer oil heating, etc.) can be used.


    Product features

    1. Adopt Japanese famous temperature & humidity converter, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, no condensation, high precision.

    2. Import PLC, realize multi-program, multi-stage, visual monitoring.

    3. All wetted parts in the drying chamber are made of stainless steel, which reduces the risk of iron introduction.

    4. Special special structure stainless steel circulating fan, variable frequency, solidification, drying can be set at different stages of different circulating air volume, which does not stratify moisture and accelerate drying speed.

    5. Two kinds of humidification methods, atomized water and spray steam, can achieve low temperature and high temperature curing.

    6. The box body is made of high-quality insulation material, which has good heat preservation effect and saves energy. It can choose the function of computer networking, and several kinds of monitoring the operation status of the curing room every day, which is convenient for management.

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